iEnergy TAN Ball

Por iEnergy

The iEnergy TAN Ball is an interactive chew toy made of odourless, non-toxic rubber. Use it as a tool for training or just ol’ fashioned fetching fun. As an educational toy, the TAN Ball can help dogs learn to improve their intelligence and prevent them from biting people. The sturdy rubber makes it safe to use and easy to clean while providing excellent bite resistance. 

  • Non-toxic rubber material makes it safe and durable
  • Pointy bumps encourage biting and make playing catch easier
  • Thoughtful design allows for dual use as a training tool or fun toy
  • Size 8cm

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    iEnergy was created by the husband-and-wife team of Patrick and Gemma Albus. They have chosen to name each product after a beloved family member. The iEnergy TAN Ball is named after Patricks' sister, Tanja.