Partner with Us

Getting a physical product from mere idea to retail reality is hard.

Really hard. We know because we have done it for ourselves and for high-profile partners such as Cesar Millan and Meowingtons.

We can make your journey easier by accelerating your path to an actual product your customers will love.

Here’s why you should consider Creative Pet Alliance as your product development partner:

Leverage Our Experience

We have years of experience working directly with well-known pet brands to design and manufacture high-quality accessories, from dog backpacks to cat trees to pet wine toys. We also work with smaller brands to find the best factories to produce their products affordably while maintaining quality.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

We’ve made our fair share of mistakes while learning the business of manufacturing physical goods, especially working with foreign factories. We can short-cut your learning curve tremendously by making sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. This is one area where expertise and experience really counts.

Replicate our Success

We are the worldwide exclusive maker of dog accessories for the Cesar Millan brand. We have created our own line of pet accessories with our iEnergy brand. We’re already where you want to be, so let us be your guide to the pet accessories business.

Tap Into Our Design Expertise

We understand good design and what consumers are looking for in a high-quality pet product. We have spent thousands of hours designing, prototyping and testing different materials, hardware and product form factors. When you partner with us, you’re piggybacking on years of trial and error — and jumping ahead of your competition to get better products to market faster.