iEnergy MAE Dog Backpack: 2-in-1 Harness and Removable Pack

Por iEnergy


An energetic dog needs a backpack designed to weather all the fun and rigour of adventuring.

The iEnergy MAE Dog Backpack is the ultimate companion for you and your most active four-legged trail buddy. A perfect combination of fit and functionality, this is the trusty pack you want for rugged hikes and casual walks alike.

Meticulously made for convenient and efficient exploration, this canine pack features a clever 2-in-one design: a harness and a removable backpack that can be worn separately or together. The harness is designed to spread the weight closer to your dog's shoulders, where strength is strongest. The result is more secure load carrying and a more comfortable fit, making it safe and stable for your pup to tackle hills, trails and other uneven terrain.

  • 2-in-1 design with harness and detachable backpack for maximum versatility
  • Includes two water bottles, each in an insulated pocket, for keeping dogs hydrated during walks
  • Made of strong, durable material to withstand the rigours of an active dog
  • Waterproof material for additional protection against rain and the elements
  • Reflective seams for extra visibility in the dark
  • Breathable mesh padding for a more comfortable fit
  • Convenient side pockets for stowing food, snacks, keys, poop bags and other necessities
  • Side straps made with double stitch enforcement and adjustable to adapt to your dog's movement
  • Extra padding in the chest area and along the straps for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for dogs with high energy

For product FAQs, please click here. To find out why we chose to use a backpack with our dogs click here

iEnergy was created by the husband-and-wife team of Patrick and Gemma Albus. They have chosen to name each product after a beloved family member. The name for the iEnergy MAE Dog Backpack is inspired by the middle name of our darling daughter, Malia-Mae.