Which backpack size is best for my dog?

Please use the table below as a size guide for our iEnergy MAL and MAE backpacks. If you are still are unsure or if you have questions about backpack styles or sizes, feel free to contact us.


Which iEnergy products work well together?

We are frequently asked which iEnergy products work well together. For example, does the GEM Leash attached to the MAL Backpack? The answer is YES! We have been intentional about designing our collection so the products work seamlessly together. Here are some of our favourite combinations! 

  • We find that the iEnergy JUL Sleeping Bag and iEnergy BUR Resting Mat go well together when camping or resting outdoors
How can I see a comparison of all iEnergy products, sizes and uses?

    Please see this handy chart to compare all iEnergy products at-a-glance.

    Who is Cesar Millan?

    Cesar Millan is  world-renowned dog behaviour expert. He is widely known for his television series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, broadcast in more than one hundred countries worldwide. Prior to The Dog Whisperer series, Millan focused on rehabilitating severely aggressive dogs. Millan is also an entrepreneur with an innovative product line under the Cesar Millan brand. Creative Pet Alliance partnered with Millan to produce his dog backpacks.

    Who is Creative Pet Alliance?

    Creative Pet Alliance is a leading designer of innovative pet products. The company was started by Patrick Albus, a product designer who has worked for a number of consumer brands. Patrick provides consulting services to upstart brands and entrepreneurs who want to produce their dream pet product. To learn more about Creative Pet Alliance, click here. To partner with Creative Pet Alliance to design pet accessories that you want to put into the market, click here.

    Who is iEnergy?

    Patrick and Gemma Albus co-founded iEnergy to produce and distribute thoughtfully made pet accessories under their own brand, leveraging their past success with Creative Pet Alliance. To learn more about iEnergy and its mission to improve the special bond between people and pets, click here.