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Real Customer Reviews
Real Customer Reviews
During our recent vacation, we searched for a dog-friendly outdoor blanket one last time. Our previous attempts had failed, as our dog never showed interest and preferred retiring to the camper by 9 p.m. However, the iEnergy dog mat was an instant hit, and now, thanks to it, we can enjoy outdoor time with our furry friend until bedtime. The mat is of high quality, and both our dog and we are delighted with it!
— Steffen Pfefferkorn
Real Customer Reviews
The dog harness is really great! It is very sturdy and seems to be comfortable. My greyhound has a very narrow chest at the front, the M fits her, but when running you can see that the V is a little wide for her at the front. Absolutely fair price/performance!
— J.K.
Real Customer Reviews
The structure means the backpack doesn’t move around whilst the dog is walking, and the pockets are well-thought out. There is a space for everything!
— Leila P.
Real Customer Reviews
I’ve bought products from iEnergy a few times and can honestly say they don’t disappoint. My dog absolutely loves this sleeping bag, it’s the perfect size, it’s warm and perfect fit for a camping bag. 10/10 all round
— Shea Hider
Real Customer Reviews
The MAL iEnergy backpack is great, it's so much more than just a pack. I'm a pro dog walker, and my dogs wear backpacks to help me carry what I need for long walks with multiple dogs.
— Jamie Shanks
Real Customer Reviews
Fits well, easily adjustable. Well padded on pressure areas. Good size pockets for treats, poo-bags and water. Looks very smart and he loves it!
— Amazon Customer
Real Customer Reviews
The dog raincoat feels very high quality and can also be used for colder days. The colour is great and the reflective prints ensure that the dog is seen even in the dark. A beautiful, well-made, high-quality coat.
— Figolino
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