We pride ourselves in designing pet accessories for our global customer base. We can work with you and your team to make an idea become a product or we can design a product for you to address a customer (human or dog) need. All of the products that we design are done so with pet behaviours as our number one design principle so you can be confident that our products are best for your customers and pets!


Our experience tells us, that we can only get outstanding products and services by having the best partners. With our longtime experience within the global pet industry means that we can rely on our partners to bring every product to life – no matter how crazy the product might sound! Our customised strategy sourcing can be a component of your supply chain management, we can help you in improving and re-evaluating your purchasing activities for the short and long-term.


At Creative Pet Alliance we are passionate about turning ideas into products for pets and pet parents. We love to generate solutions for our customers through finding connections between seeming unrelated phenomena and innovating. We always say no to copies and always strive to do things differently in a way that really benefits our pets! We are mindful that we want our products to (paw and foot) prints in the ever changing pet industry.