Cesar Millan™ Dog Backpack


The Cesar Millan Dog Backpack is the finest canine pack on the market. We have carefully designed the backpack so the weight sits closer to your dog’s shoulders, where your pup’s strength is strongest. With plenty of pockets for treats, water, poop bags and other essentials, the Cesar Millan Backpack will enhance your dog’s calmness and balance while walking or running.

  • Made of strong, durable material to keep up with your active dog
  • Water-resistant for extra protection against the elements
  • Reflective trim for added visibility during low-light hours or at night
  • Saddlebags for convenient storage of snacks, poop bags, keys, mobile phones, or weighted items for a physical challenge
  • Breathable mesh padding for keeping the dog's skin cool and comfortable
  • Adjustable elastic straps with double-stitch reinforcement to adapt to your dog's movement
  • Padding on the chest and along straps for maximum comfort
  • Centre buckle adds stability to the contents of the bag

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