iEnergy SOL Floating Tug Toy

Por iEnergy

The iEnergy SOL Floating Tug Toy is a particularly interactive toy for catching and pulling, with a wide handle to put space between hands and snout. It’s designed specifically for powerful play so you and your doggie can have a lot of rough fun without a worry. The toy also floats for dogs (and people) who love the water.

  • Reinforced handles for carrying comfort
  • Safe design to avoid crushing of hands
  • Good throwing size to make it suitable for most breed sizes
  • Floats to allow for fun water sports
  • Abrasion-resistant materials for extended service life
  • Easy cleaning: hand wash with mild detergent, air dry

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iEnergy was created by the husband-and-wife team of Patrick and Gemma Albus. They have chosen to name each product after a beloved family member. The name for the iEnergy SOL Floating Tug Toy is taken from the middle name of our son, Oscar Sol.