iEnergy™ ELI Training Belt


The iEnergy ELI belt pouch keeps treats within easy reach, making it ideal for dog or horse training. The bag features a clever metal ring to keep the main pocket open while in use, and a magnetic closure system for convenient access while training.

Worn either over the shoulder or on the hip, the bag is equipped with a solid carabiner for attaching your leash. The inner and outer pockets are suitable for mobile phones, keys, poop bags, snacks or other personal essentials.

  • Main pocket stays open during use
  • Easily adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Carabiner for attaching a leash
  • Inner and outer pockets for convenient storage
  • Lightweight (280g) and easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Designed for pets with high energy

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iEnergy was created by the husband-and-wife team of Patrick and Gemma Albus. They have chosen to name each product after a beloved family member. The iEnergy ELI belt pouch is named after our lovely niece Elina.