Creative Pet Alliance is a unique team of creative pet parents who work across the UK, Germany and Hong Kong with partners in America and China to design, source, manufacture and sell innovative and high-quality pet toys and accessories for pets.  Our global reach allows us to work globally keeping abreast of industry trends for different types of materials and designs.

We not only sell products directly to European customers, but we also provide consultancy to our clients including major global Pet Store Chains across the USA, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.  Through our partnership model we seek to fully understand your business and work closely with your team to guide, connect with and inspire you during every consultation, order, project or new development.


Creative Pet Alliance strives to revolutionise the pet industry through constant innovation, successful partnerships, the dedication of our team and their love of pets. 


We have taken all of our experience from the pet industry and channeled it into developing our own brand iEnergy. We are very excited to launch iEnergy in 2018. 


We take pride in the relationships we have with the factories we work with, spending time on the ground working side by side with our project’s teams and utilising technology for fast communications. We have established, nurtured and developed our partner relationships in a dignified and ethical manner complying with all industry practices and norms and that all of our products are traceable back to their source. We are committed to ensuring the success of our partnerships and we treasure the relationships we build.