Cesar Millan Socialization™ DVD

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Distributeur Cesar Millan™

In this video, you'll learn:

• The myths and facts of dog socialization.
• How to properly assess antisocial behaviour.
• How to understand dog insecurity, dominance, and aggression.
• Cesar's Five Dog Laws, 5 Pack Leader Techniques and Ten Principles for achieving a balanced relationship with your dog.

    Bonus Features:

    • A brief history of dogs
    • Cesar on dog park etiquette
    • Understanding your dog's position within the pack
    • Exclusive post-training follow-up footage

      Product Details:

      • DVDs available in NTSC and PAL formats. Streaming/download is region free, 720p and 1080p.
      • Stereo all regions.
      • English audio and closed captioning (CC).
      • Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese subtitles available.
      • 90 minutes.