Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the unique bond between pets and people through well-made products and thoughtful design.

Like many of you, we have been pet lovers our entire lives. We know that pets — dogs, especially — are not just animal companions. They are true companions who happen to be animals. They are our best friends, our protectors, our guides, our trail buddies and our family. They make our lives better and more complete in every way — even with the occasional accident on the living room rug!

We created iEnergy to create the best pet accessories so pets and their humans can lead healthier, happier lives together. 

We invite you to join our journey to make the special moments with your pets as rewarding as possible.


Our Brand Values


Cutting corners isn’t our style

Our superpower is good design. Every part of every product we put out into the world has been genuinely thought through and carefully considered so that it delivers maximum comfort and performance for both dog and owner. We listen to feedback, reconsider our initial designs and continually improve on them. What ends up on your dog and in your hands represents many, many hours of thinking, prototyping and refining.



Committed to quality at every step

Good design wouldn’t be worth a damn if we skimped on the materials and manufacturing. We have traveled the world over looking for the best factories for our pet products. We only want to work with partners who we believe to be ethical, reliable and honest. They should treat both their workers and the environment with care. Because a factory that cares will always create higher quality products. 



Improving your time together

We believe our products should work well for you AND your pets. It’s not enough to make something that’s convenient and useful for owners. We also want to create gear that’s comfortable and fun for your animals too. Our goal is to truly enhance the moments you have with your pet, whether you’re going on a grand adventure or a walk in the park. We measure the performance of every product against this goal. 


Our Pet-Safe Promise

It goes without saying that we’re committed to the wellbeing of your pet. Every product we put out in the market or co-create with our partners is rigorously tested and quality controlled to ensure it’s safe and comfortable. We believe that nothing enhances your own wellbeing like a happy, healthy pet.