iEnergy JUD Winter Jacket

Distributeur iEnergy


The iEnergy JUD Winter Jacket is ideal for the cold months, keeping your dog feeling snug with a collar that can be pulled up when walking in cold winds and snow. Our weatherproof and insulated winter dog jacket has large reflective prints on the jacket to improve the dog's visibility during the dark morning and evening walks. We have thoughtfully designed the jacket to protect the stomach area from the cold without limiting movement.

  • Waterproof and insulated to keep your dog warm in cold and snowy weather
  • Covers back, chest and stomach cover for maximum warmth without restricting movement
  • Elastic chest area for a comfortable fit
  • Large reflective prints for better visibility in the dark
  • Made from recycled materials

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iEnergy was created by the husband-and-wife team of Patrick and Gemma Albus. They have chosen to name each product after a beloved family member. The iEnergy JUD Winter Jacket is named after Gemma's sister-in-law, Jude.