iEnergy CAR - 6 in 1 Dog Leash

Verkoper iEnergy

iEnergy CAR - 6 in 1 dog leash – A 183cm long training leash, 91.5cm training leash, shoulder leash and hands-free padded dog leash for two dogs or a waist leash for running and walking - suitable for all breeds 

iEnergy CAR Sport, 6in1 Dog Leash, 183cm - A strong, safe and durable leash for control and correction when walking with active dogs, ideal for outdoor and training activities. The robust and secure carabiner system ensures that the leash stays in place even when the Leash-pulling dogs can be held comfortably. Very visible reflection in the twilight and at night and the leash is suitable for almost all dog breeds.

  • A strong, secure, and long-lasting leash for control and correction when walking active dogs, ideal for outdoor and training environments 
  • A robust and safe carabiner system makes it comfortable to hold even with dogs who pull
  • A reflective trim gives high visibility to been seen at night
  • Length 183cm dog leash, 91,5cm training leash, over the shoulder and hand free style, around the waist for running and walking, dog leash for 2 dogs
  • A simple fastening makes it suitable for all sized breeds