Cesar Millan™ Pack Leader Collar

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Enjoy Walks You Both Love: The Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar

Imagine stress-free walks where you and your dog are a happy, well-connected team! The Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar is the secret weapon for achieving just that.

Effective Control & Communication:

This innovative collar's unique design keeps the slip collar positioned high on your dog's neck, giving you better control for gentle corrections and clear communication.


Built for Comfort & Durability:

Strong yet gentle: Made with durable nylon for long-lasting use and soft neoprene padding for your dog's comfort.

Breathable & Secure: Air mesh front pad keeps your pup cool while maintaining collar structure. Easy-release nylon braid and a secure, cam-lock system ensure safety on every walk.

Customized Fit & Control: Easily adjust the size for a perfect fit. A second D-ring allows for an additional leash and ID tag attachment.


The Pack Leader Advantage:

Designed by Cesar Millan: Train your dog with the same techniques used by the world-renowned Dog Whisperer!

Stress-Free Walks: Enjoy walks you and your dog can both look forward to.

Happy & Connected: Build a stronger bond with your furry friend through effective communication.


Bonus! Full training instructions are included to help you master the walk and build a stronger bond with your dog.

Order your Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar today and transform your walks into training triumphs!