Cesar Millan Essentials of Dog Behaviour DVD Bundle - The Language of Dogs™ and Socialization™ DVDs

Distributeur Cesar Millan™
Get both of Cesar’s newest videos in this money-saving combo pack! In Cesar’s “Essentials” videos, Socialization and The Language of Dogs, you’ll learn the foundations of his unique dog behaviour and training philosophy, including lessons on energy, body language and promoting social behaviour.
  • In Essentials Volume 1: Socialization, you’ll learn to assess and address dog aggression, insecurity and dominance to help your dog mix happily with other dogs (and humans). Regularly £29.99.
  • Essentials Volume 2: The Language of Dogs will help you understand how dogs communicate through energy and body language – and how to use their instincts to prevent unwanted behaviour. Regularly £29.99.
  • More than three hours total viewing time. Both videos include bonus features, outtakes and training techniques.
  • English audio and closed captioning (CC). Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese subtitles available.