HIGH5DOGS Leader Leash™

You are the leader!


With our unique Leader system you can lead your dog in 4 different ways using one and the same leash.

  1. Traditional connection: Hook the leash to a collar or harness.
  1. Fixed size collar/leash combination:Fit to your dog’s neck size by adjusting the buckle. Connect the hook to the buckle and you have a nice short leash for in the city.
  1. Lasso/semi slip: Mount the hook on the rope between the sizing buckle (fitted to your dog’s neck size) and the rubber stopper. Use it as a lasso to quickly leash your dog and push the rubber stopper down to prevent the lasso from sliding open.
  1. Training lead: Mount the hook on the rope before the sizing buckle. This will create a slip lead. (Do not use this option without guidance of a dog trainer and never on pups.)


Advantages of the Leader Leash

  • 4 ways of leashing with one leash
  • No need to buy separate leashes
  • No need for a collar
  • Able to combine it with your favourite collar or harness
  • Bespoke rope and hardware
  • Patent pending 



- 1/4" / 7 mm Leader leash: 

USA: Length 49" - Maximum dog weight: 22 LBS

EUR: Length 125cm - Maximum dog weight: 15 KG


- 1/2" / 13mm Leader leash: 

USA: Length 55” - Maximum dog weight: 85 LBS

EUR: Length 140cm - Maximum dog weight: 50 KG 


All measurements are for reference only and may vary slightly.