Cesar Millan The Language of Dogs™ DVD

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Do you really understand what your dog is telling you? How can we bridge the communication gap between humans and dogs? In this second video of his popular “Essentials of Dog Behaviour” series, Cesar Millan explores how must unwanted dog behaviours can be resolved by understanding more of what are dogs are communicating. 
In this video, you will learn...

• How to assess a dog using Cesar's Five Dog Laws
• How to understand energy and body language
• How to prevent unwanted behaviour using nose, eyes, and ears

Bonus features:

• How to approach and interact with a timid dog
• What is energy?
• The meaning of leadership
• Post-training follow-ups
• How to crate train your dog


Product Details:

• DVDs available in NTSC and PAL formats. Streaming/download is region free, 720p and 1080p
• Stereo all regions
• English audio and closed captioning (CC)
• Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese subtitles available
• 90 minutes